2006 - Lt. Gen. Richard G. Trefry 

The 2006 General Creighton W. Abrams Medal for exceptional service to the United States Army was awarded to Lieutenant General Richard G. Trefry, United States Army, Retired, for his outstanding service to our Army, our soldiers, our Department of the Army civilians -- and their families.

Since his induction into the Army as a private sixty-three years ago, and throughout his distinguished career from a West Point cadet to his culminating assignment as the Army Inspector General, General Trefry’s superior and singular service has resulted in dramatically changing and improving the Army as an institution and as the nation’s premier land fighting force.

Known throughout the Army, and the halls of government – while on active duty and as a retiree -- as an innovative, creative and incisive visionary, General Trefry, the founder and current program manager of the Army Force Management School, has continuously dedicated his unmatched depth of knowledge and penetrating skills to establishing policies and imperatives that have improved the combat effectiveness of the force.

An author, researcher, educator and lecturer in public and military forums, General Trefry’s zeal -- in training military and civilian personnel -- focuses on addressing and resolving the complex force management issues that will increase the transforming Army’s resiliency and readiness as our soldiers and civilians face the complexities of an uncertain and unpredictable global environment.