‘Unprecedented fiscal constraints’ puts Army at crossroads. 

The “unprecedented fiscal constraints” facing the nation have put the Army at a crossroads, the commanding general of Forces Command told several hundred attendees at the Guard-Reserve breakfast preceding the formal opening of the Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Speaking Oct. 21, Gen. Daniel Allyn said, “Our Army will be smaller.  Rest assured our Army and leadership are up to the challenge.”

Adding, “We can, we must … do better in the future” in synchronizing and integrating training across the components. 

Allyn said “we must optimize every training event” and looking to partnerships among different units based on geography and capability.

Looking to the future, the continuing commitment to Afghanistan through 2014 means the Army will not immediately realign its forces, but that remains the goal to build “more routine and habitual relationships” with nations overseas. 

Allyn said that alignment, which includes training in a nation’s culture, geography and military, “helps to prevent and shape future conflict,” adding that “soldiers operate in a human domain.”

He said the idea of such alignment lay in the state partnerships that the National Guard established with countries in the former Warsaw Pact in the 1990s as well as integration of the Army Reserve into every combatant command and its engagement cells now operating in every theater command.