Army civilians face cuts, but scale not yet known 

10/24/2012 4:30 PM 

The Army civilian workforce grew by about 50,000 since the terrorist attacks of 2001, and like their uniformed colleagues, they face cuts. 

Speaking Wednesday, Oct. 24, Jay Aronowitz, director of civilian personnel in the G-1, said the active component is being cut by 14 percent over the next eight years and there will be cuts in the Army’s 300,000 member civilian workforce but likely not that much.

He told attendees at a special civilian seminar at the Association of the United States Annual Meeting and Exposition that the Army will continue to need the additional medical personnel, behavioral health specialists and workers in its depots even as the war in Afghanistan winds down.

But “there will be continuing pressure to bring down the workforce.”

Gen. Robert Cone, commander of the Training and Doctrine Command, told the same audience earlier “Any reduction will be painful and we need to do this in the fairest way possible.”