Annual Meeting 2012 Presentations 

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AUSA Book Program

When the Warrior Returns Making the Transition at Home
         By Nathan Ainspan and Walter Penk
         Publisher: Naval Institute Press (September 2012)

 Chief of Staff, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2
         By MG David T. Zabecki, United States Army, Retired
         Publisher: Naval Institute Press (May 2008)        

ILW Contemporary Military Forum

The Army Profession
             GEN Raymond T. Odierno
             GEN Robert W. Cone

             LTG David H. Huntoon, Jr.
             Mr. Karl F. Schneider
            MG Herbert R. McMaster, Jr.
            SMA Raymond F. Chandler III

Army Special Operations Forces and Conventional Forces: Partnering to Prevent, Shape and Win

 LTG Charles T. Cleveland

 LTG Jonathan ‘Jacko’ Page
 MG Joseph Anderson
MG Anthony R. Ierardi
 BG Christopher K. Haas
BG Ferdinand Irizarry II
 Linda Robinson


ILW Contemporary Military Forum

Army and Asia - Pacific Engagement Rebalancing

 LTG Francis J. Wiercinski

 LTG John D. Johnson
 LTG Robert B. Brown
 MG Frank D. Turner III
 Brigadier Barry McManus
 Mr. James Moriarty
 Mr. Thomas P. Kel

Army Power and Energy: Enhancing Mission Effectiveness, While Preserving Future Choices 

HON Katherine Hammack
LTG Raymond V. Mason

LTG Michael Ferriter
MG Michael S. Tucker
CSM John W. Troxell

Cyber Domain and LandWarNet: Powering the Army

LTG Rhett A. Hernandez

Panel Members:
LTG Susan S. Lawrence
LTG Donald M. Campbell, Jr.,
LTG Mary A. Legere
LTG Richard P. Formica


ILW Contemporary Military Forum

Developing Leaders: The Key to Readiness, Sustaining the Profession, and Ensuring our Legacy

Lead: LTG David G. Perkins

Panel Members:
MG Joseph Anderson
GEN (R) Frederick M. Franks Jr.
MG Richard P. Mustion
MG Anthony A. Cucolo III
BG (P) Gordon B. Davis, Jr.
COL (R) Joseph N.G. LeBoeuf, Ph.D.
Mr. Anthony J. Stamilio

ILW Paper Presentations     

Applying Natural System Metaphors to the Force Modernization Process
(Land Warfare Paper 86, February 2012)
by COL K. Todd Chamberlai

Distilling the Demographic Dividend: Retaining U.S. Army Officer Talent for the 40-year Career?
(Land Warfare Paper 89, June 2012)
by Kevin D. Stringer  Ph.D.