Army Reserve to address above-the-line AGRs, shortage of mid-career NCOs and officers 

10/24/2012 3:00 PM 

The chief of the Army Reserve told a special seminar at the Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition that “We’re going to do less with less.  We’ll set the priorities.”

Speaking Tuesday, Oct. 23, Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Talley said that two long-running personnel issues – the large number of above-the-line Active/Guard and Reserve and the shortage of midgrade officers and noncommissioned officers – were among his top five priorities.

“For everyone above the line, they are not in the unit.  It’s killing readiness.  We’ve got to get some of these soldiers back in our formations.”

Soldiers in above-the-line status serve outside of their units, often in other Army or joint assignments or in Defense Department posts.  Their costs are absorbed by the Army Reserve.

“We don’t want to pull all of them back from HRC or 1st Army.  We will have success.” He hoped to return about 50 percent to Army Reserve units.

The slowed downsizing of the active Army has caused the Army Reserve to readjust its thinking on how it was closing the gap in filling the shortage of mid-grade NCOs and officers.

“It’s going to take a special joint effort by USAR, HRC [Human Relations Command] and Recruiting Command to overcome that deficit,” Talley said

As the session was ending, Talley said, “I don’t see any significant changes in Army Reserve end strength and resources.”  Adding, “We’re sitting the best of the three components.”