Scope & Objective 

The Association of the United States Army’s Institute of Land Warfare presents a symposium entitled “The Army’s Campaign of Learning: Creating a Competitive Advantage through Adaptive Leaders and Versatile Units”.

The last nine years of war against adaptive adversaries and hybrid threats and the challenges we envision in the 21st century have demonstrated that we must be able to operate in a more competitive security environment. This era of persistent conflict and transparency mandates that we make “institutional adaptation” an imperative for our Army in order to prevail in this environment. This requires our institutional culture to approach adaptation through a continuum of learning that recognizes that to win in the competitive security environment, we must prevail in the competitive learning environment. Therefore, the necessary approach to achieve a competitive advantage against our adversaries is to undertake a campaign of learning as the cornerstone of institutional adaptation in order to develop adaptive leaders and versatile units that can fight and win in the 21st century security environment.

The presentations, panels and guest speakers at the 2011 AUSA Winter Symposium will highlight the Army’s efforts to leverage technology and enable learning through our emerging training and learning concepts as well as our ongoing work on the human dimension. The intent of this effort is to focus industry on what capabilities will better enable and develop adaptive Soldiers and leaders to confront the challenges in a more competitive security environment. Additionally, we want to highlight capabilities that can effectively replicate the complexities of the operation environment (training brain) in order to better develop adaptive, agile and inquisitive Soldiers and leaders and versatile units to succeed in this environment.

Participants in AUSA’s ILW Winter Symposium will interact and participate in discussions about Army modernization and learning imperatives for a new generation of Soldiers that learn differently; a generation of digital natives that have high expectations for how the Army leverages technology to enable learning and build institutional adaptation. Our agenda includes top military and civilian leadership from the Army, Department of Defense and industry.