Annual Meeting 2011 Presentations 

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AUSA Book Program
Advance and Destroy: Patton as Commander in the Bulge
By Capt John Rickard, Canadian Army                     

Leadership in Dangerous Situations: A Handbook for the Armed Forces, Emergency Services,
and First Responders
By COL Patrick Sweeney, United States Army

The Quiet Professional: Major Richard J. Meadows of the U.S. Army Special Forces
By LTC Alan Hoe, British Army, Retired

Passing the Test: Combat in Korea, April-June 1951
By John Greenwood Ph.D

Steel Wind: Colonel Georg Bruchmuller and the Birth of Modern Artillery
By MG David T. Zabecki, United States Army, Retired

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
Supporting the Deployment of Healthy, Resilient, and Fit Soldiers…Soldier Medical Readiness

LTG Eric B. Schoomaker
MG Richard A. Stone
BG Darryl A. Williams
BG Brian C. Lein

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
The Future of Army Force Generation (ARFORGEN): A Total Army Approach

LTG Howard B. Bromberg
LTG Jack C. Stultz, Jr.
MG Timothy J. Kadavy
MG Peter C. Bayer, Jr.
Karl F. Schneider


ILW Contemporary Military Forum
The Army Profession

BG Sean B. MacFarland
GEN Robert W. Cone
LTG Mark P. Hertling
Anthony J. Stamilio
CSM Neil Ciotola

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
Army Power and Energy: Enhancing Mission Effectiveness, While Preserving Future Choices

HON Katherine Hammack
LTG Rick Lynch
MG Raymond V. Mason
MG Nickolas G. Justice
MG Dana J. H. Pittard
HON Richard G. Kidd IV
Grace Bochenek Ph.D

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
The Squad: Foundation of the Decisive Force

MG Robert B. Brown
BG Camille M. Nichols
COL Walt Piatt

Lt.Col Christopher Woodburn
CSM Steve McClaflin

CSM James C. Hardy
Donald M. Sando
James T. Blake, Ph.D

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
The Future of Engagement Opportunities and Shaping Operations Around the Globe

LTG Francis J. Wiercinski
LTG Mark P. Hertling
LTG Guy C. Swan III
LTG Vincent K. Brooks
MG Simeon G. Trombitas
MG David R. Hogg

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
LandWarNet: Powering America’s Army

LTG Susan S. Lawrence
LTG William N. Phillips
LTG Richard P. Formica
LTG Rhett A. Hernandez
BG Charles A. Flynn
COL (P) John Morrison


ILW Paper Presentations     
A Case for Human Dimension Training: Decision Science and Its Potential for Improved Soldier Resilience and Decisionmaking at Every Level
By COL Kevin M. Felix (LWP 85, October 2011)

The Professional Military Ethic and Political Dissent: Has the Line Moved?
By LTC Eric A. Hollister (Land Warfare Paper 83, August 2011)

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
The All-Volunteer Force: Adapting Leader Development and Personnel Strategies for the Future

LTG Thomas P. Bostick
HON Thomas R. Lamont
LTG Jack C. Stultz, Jr.
MG Raymond W. Carpenter
BG Sean B. MacFarland
COL Todd B. McCaffrey
SGM Thomas S. Gills
Gwendolyn DeFilippi

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
Sustaining a Strong Alliance in the Morning Calm

GEN James D. Thurman
LTG John D. Johnson

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
Transforming Soldier and Family Support for the Army of 2020

MG Al T. Aycock
HON Katherine Hammack
LTG Eric B. Schoomaker
LTG Rick Lynch
BG Barrye L. Price
Anthony Stamilio

ILW Contemporary Military Forum
Kevlar Legions: A History of Army Transformation 1989-2005

Richard W. Stewart, Ph.D
GEN William W. Hartzog
BG John Sloan Brown
SMA Robert E. Hall
James J. Carafano Ph.D