The Water Gen-Generator can brew up to 25 gallons of fresh water in 24 hours.

The Water-Gen Generator – compact system resembling a standard, window air-conditioner unit – can brew up to 25 gallons of fresh water in 24 hours as long as it’s hooked up to a 24-volt power source on any tactical vehicle.

“For one vehicle with four, five, six soldiers it’s enough and it’s cold water,” Arye Kohavi, chairman and co-CEO of Water-Gen, said Oct. 26 at the 2010 Association of the United States Army’s Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Kohavi, an Israeli Special Forces officer, began working on the system in 2008 after observing the challenges Israeli forces had during the Israeli-Lebanon conflict two years earlier.

“After several days, most of the convoys were shot up, so the soldier on the front line was out of water,” he said.

The water generator is based on civilian technology, but is much smaller and more robust to deal with the extreme conditions on the battlefield, Water-Gen officials said.

The 120-pound system extracts water from ambient air and is capable of creating 12.6 gallons in 24 hours at 75 degrees Fahrenheit and 55 percent humidity.

“We are the only company in the world to do this,” Kohavi said. “It’s quite amazing.”

Israeli military forces are evaluating the system and Water-Gen has partnered with Mistral Group to market it in North America.

Water-Gen is among the 360 industry exhibits and 80 military exhibits spanning across the 252,000 square feet of exhibit space at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.