Veteran Skills to Jobs Act (HR 4155) 

5/23/2012 12:00 AM 

Letter sent to: Rep. Denham & Rep. Walz




23 May 2012

On behalf of the membership of the Association of the United States Army, I write to thank you for introducing HR 4155.  This Veteran Skills to Jobs Act would direct the head of each federal department or agency to ensure that an applicant for any federal license who has received relevant training while serving as a member of the armed forces shall be deemed to satisfy the requirements for the license unless the training was not substantially equivalent to the license requirements.

With Post 9/11 veterans facing an unemployment rate of 17.3%, barriers that stand between them and a job must be removed.  Many veterans discover that even though they have the training to perform a wide variety of occupations, the private sector and even other departments of the federal government do not recognize that training. 

Your legislation will help speed veterans’ transition by no longer requiring them to undergo needless bureaucratic hurdles to gain employment.  AUSA stands ready to assist in gaining passage of this important legislation.



General, USA Retired