HR816: Military Retirement Health Care Act 

 Letter sent to:  U.S. House of Representatives:  Chet Edwards and Walter Jones





                                                                           6 February, 2009


On behalf of the more than 105,000 members of the Association of the United States Army, I write to thank you for introducing HR 816, the Military Retirees’ Health Care Protection Act.

Your introduction of HR 4949 in the last Congress was instrumental in temporarily blocking the Department of Defense effort to increase significantly a group of retiree medical fees.  AUSA strongly endorsed that effort and does so again.

Your legislation would give only Congress the authority to change enrollment fees in TRICARE Prime and TRICARE Reserve Select, pharmacy co-payments, and retiree and survivor co-payments for inpatient care. This action is both warranted and necessary to give the families of our armed forces consistent health care benefits.

Count on AUSA to support your efforts to pass this important legislation.  Our website already has a link to allow members to urge their representatives to cosponsor HR 816.  Do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of additional assistance. 



                                                                      GORDON R. SULLIVAN
                                                                       General, USA Retired