Keeping the United States Safe and Secure 

11/20/2013 12:00 AM 

I have talked to you before about the consequences of allowing sequestration to continue for another nine years. Sequestration is a draconian, inefficient and ineffective way to solve America’s budget crisis.

Cutting national security spending is unwise in a dangerous world. National security impacts every American. The global threat of international terrorism is not going away. The potential for cyber attacks from hostile nations increases daily. So funding for counterterrorism measures against both international and homegrown terrorism is imperative.

Sequestration cuts weaken our nation in many ways. Millions of jobs will be lost. Research and development funding will dry up resulting in enormous loss of innovation and development of cutting edge technological advances the defense arena. Ground, naval and air forces would shrink to their smallest levels in generations at a time when national security threats are on the increase.

We must focus on the impact that decisions made today will have on our national security in the future. To maintain national security, we must have military forces that are efficient and effective, well-prepared, agile and smart. They must be well-equipped, capable and responsive.

The way to have military forces with those qualities is to invest in America’s future, not to gut defense spending with a meat cutter called sequestration. Let’s work together to find a better way to solve our budget crisis than the inefficient and ineffective “slash and burn” called sequestration that puts our economy and our national security in peril. We must be prepared to keep the American people safe and secure and sequestration is not the way to do so.