GEN Dempsey’s 2020 Vision 

This morning we were honored to have Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Martin E. Dempsey as our Institute of Land Warfare Breakfast guest speaker.  General Dempsey spoke about his plans to create a vision for the Army of 2020 and to establish a framework for getting there from where the Army is today.  Personally, I can think of no one better to lead the Army through a difficult transition period and shape it into the force of the future.

I encourage all of you to watch General Dempsey’s speech in the video below.  I also recommend taking a look at the links to some of General Dempsey’s past writings.  All of us here at AUSA are looking forward to hearing General Dempsey’s intent for our 2020 Army and the release of his future plans during the Army Birthday week in June.  We are proud to have him as our 37th.

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