Stuttgart Chapter (Stuttgart, Germany) 

November 2009 - Five boxes of civilian clothing were sent to Task Force Gateway at an airbase in Kuwait, to provide suitable nonmilitary garb for service members flying out of the combat area on emergency leave. 

This shipment is another in a series started at the instigation and in cooperation with the AUSA chapter in Kuwait.  New or slightly used outer garments (trousers, shirts, blouses, jackets, etc.) are solicited from USAG Stuttgart residents, with the major focus on Patch barracks and the USEUCOM headquarters.

Chapter Executive Committee member SFC Gary Badertscher supervises collection points, coordinates with the TF Gateway authorities on needs and administrative matters, and insures proper packaging and mailing.  Other useful items, such as reading materials for the airport lounges, are also furnished if needed/desired.

June 2008 - Since January 2008 Stuttgart Chapter, in support of Kuwait Chapter,  has mailed some 15 boxes of donated civilian clothing to points in Kuwait and Qatar where emergency-leave or wounded US personnel traveling to the United States on civil aircraft can outfit themselves with appropriate civilian garb.

This program will be continued.  Stuttgart Chapter has posted information about it on its website to encourage further member support.  Our POC SFC Gary Badertscher estimates that at least $1,500 worth of clothing has been provided.