Space Coast Chapter (Melbourne, FL) 

November 2009 - Robin Mathias, Diane Pozza, Dianne Clawson, Bob and Rosemaria John, Phil and Sybille LoSchiavo set up and supported the refreshment tent at the Key Receiving Ceremony for SSG Russ Marek from Homes for Our Troops.  The volunteers brought additional food items to support the event and helped served the over 200 attendees to this great event.  The team showed up at about 1100 to set up for the 1200 ceremony, served the 200 guests and then did the tear down and clean up event.  This was a great time to support our local wounded warrior and demonstrate our commitment to the Wounded Warrior Program.

September 2009 - Upon return from a business trip at the
Melbourne Airport, I met a Soldier (PFC Patrick Jackson) from Tacoma, WA who was on the Space Coast visiting some members from his unit who live in Rockledge.  He inquired how to get to Rockledge, and we drove him to the hotel he was inquiring about.  There was no vacancy and he mentioned he looked into the Clarion Space Coast Area, which is a Chapter Corporate Member.  We drove him then to Merritt Island to the Clarion and worked with the Clarion in a joint venture with the Space Coast Chapter to provide a room to PFC Jackson during his 5 day stay on the Space Coast.  This way he doesn't have to pay any money out of his pocket while maximizing his time on his mid-tour leave from Iraq.  This is a great opportunity for the chapter and one of our corporate members to work together to provide a positive impression of AUSA that demonstrates to the Soldiers involved of the commitment of our members to their well-being and their commitment to service.

May 2009 - Last week we received a call from the VA Clinic in Viera, FL that a recently returned Soldier who received the Purple Heart was having difficulty in his transition in the local area. We asked the VA Rep to have the Soldier contact us to see what we can do to help. We received a call from Michael Wahler who wanted to be an EMT and enroll in courses at BCC. Because he had just arrived in the area and did not join from this area, he did not meet residency requirements. This was going to require him to pay for his EMT intro course without residency rate or with his VA entitlement, since it would not be effective until residency requirement was met. The Space Coast Chapter stepped up to pay any cost to get the Soldier enrolled in the course by the required date. We also looked for other assistance to meet the $800 bill for this course. Dr. Lance Armstrong, one of our chapter corporate members, happens to sit on the Alumni Board for BCC. He made a couple of contacts and we got a call that the school could assist and found a way for the VA to cover the cost of the course. This took a little time, but demonstrates the success of the local VA facility, AUSA, our members and community leaders to make things happen.

February 2009 - Members of the Space Coast Chapter went to Melbourne International Airport to welcome home one of our local heroes, SPC Zach Brady. We have been supporting Zach's Mom, Tess, in her work setting up OASIS to support Zach and his unit. Zach's photos also appear on our website. This is important to ensure that all of our Troops are welcomed home properly and they know how much we value their service and commitment.