Redstone-Huntsville Chapter (Huntsville, AL) 

August 2009:  08/31/09:  The Redstone-Huntsville made a $550.00 contribution in support of the Semper Fi Community Task Force fundraising event on 21 Aug 2009.  The Semper Fi Task Force is raising money to sponsor 60 wounded Marines and 60 Army Soldiers with their spouses to attend Veterans Week activities in Huntsville 8-15 November.  It was estimated that today's event raised in the neighborhood of $10,000.00 overall for this purpose.

Steve Taylor, Chapter President, presented a check to the Madison County Veterans Memorial Foundation for $5,500.00 as part of the Chapter's 3-year $15,000.000 commitment to support the construction of a Veterans Memorial in
Huntsville.     The Redstone-Huntsville Chapter handed over a check for $5,500 on August 11, 2009 as its second payment toward a 3-year Chapter commitment of $15,000 in support of the construction of a Memorial to the Veterans of Madison County.  The Memorial is to be built on land near Huntsville’s historical area for a total cost of 3-4 million dollars.  The Memorial is designed in a way to symbolize the theme of “Courage, Sacrifice, Duty” and will feature a lighted fountain and statues of Soldiers beneath our Nation’s flag.  The Memorial will honor three groups of Veterans: all Veterans of all wars; Veterans from Madison County who paid the supreme sacrifice for their country; and the three Madison County Medal of Honor winners.  It is important to note that real Veterans served as the models for the Soldier statues.