MG John Lekson (Albuquerque, NM) 

May 2009 - Memorial Day/Fallen Warrior Tribute is the signature event for the Chapter.  Five Fallen NCO Warriors were honored by presenting their families, brought to Albuquerque at no expense, with Memorial Bricks provided by AUSA, Purple Heart plaques from MOPH, and handmade quilts from the Jemez Mountains Bear Paw Quilting Guild. $4710 was donated; $1100 was spent [excess will go to future events]. An emotional event, it is deeply appreciated by the families. Also am forwarding an E-mail with a copy of newspaper article which ran on Memorial Day. AUSA is mentioned in the article. Event was attended by several politicos, as well as other military and civilian dignitaries, but all eyes and attention  were on the families of the Fallen Warriors.

15 February 2009:  AUSA sponsors the Fallen Warrior Tribute every Veterans day and Memorial Day to honor soldiers killed in the GWOT.AUSA raised $2000 cash and in-kind to bring the families of Fallen Warriors to NM for the ceremony, presenting each family with a memorial brick, a Purple Heart plaque, and patriotic hand-made quilt, plus hosting them at a hotel and a special luncheon. This is a very emotional event. Expenses were $1600.