Fort Monmouth Chapter (Red Bank, NJ) 

February 2009:  AUSA Ft Mon Chapter members (Bob Fasulo, Ed Carnes, Jim Costigan) have joined a committee made up of friends of SGT Minard to restore the home he recently purchased in Union Beach, NJ.  Ed Carnes attended the first committee meeting on 12 Feb.  On Sunday, 14 Feb, Ed visited SGT Minards home and met with 4 volunteers who were removing sheetrock from interior walls.  AUSA will provide a dumpster for the materiel next week.  SGT Michael Minard 1-2 BCT from Keyport NJ, lost both legs OCT 07 in Bagdad.  He is currently in rehab at Walter Reed. He bought a home that needs major renovation. Our Chapter is on the committee consisting of local business volunteers.  To date AUSA has delivered over $2000.00 in lumber to restore the roof.

The Chapter paid the shipping for 25 care packages for Afghan schools and orphanages containing school supplies, bedding, clothing, shoes, toys, snacks and medical supplies donated by the employees of PM Battle Command.  The weight of all the care packages was 512 pounds and the shipping cost was $341.20. The care packages were shipped to the 201st ARSIC.

A soldier from nearby Keyport was injured in Iraq and lost both his legs in an IED explosion.  The chapter has contacted him to see how we can assist and today marked about a month since that initial contact.  Through the Houses for Heroes program he obtained assistance to buy a home which needs some work and we volunteered to assist.  Part of the work was a new roof, so chapter members arranged for the delivery of the roofing material next week, of which the AUSA will pay for the materials.  Local volunteers will put the roof on the house at no cost.  Lumber is being delivered and the shingles are still being negotiated, but regardless, the chapter will be paying the cost.  Another organization that we are linked with has agreed to put in the handicap accessible bathrooms, at no cost to SGT Minard.  Chapter donated $2000 to pay for the cost of materials to support a roof being put on a wounded soldier’s home. This project will be evolving as time goes on, but we will be talking of this young man.