You’ve got to build a team, and communication is foremost in team building. Even with e-mail you can’t get away from face-to-face contact.

SMA Robert E. Hall

The commander’s objectives can only be obtained through two axes of advance- the NCO and officer working together. As an example, because one division commander took the time to bring his command sergeant major into the process of implementing a new plan, he brought the rest of the division’s NCOs into the plan as well. Immediately, the NCOs understood that in order for the officers of their unit to be successful, the necessary control measures had to be in place to meet the commander’s objective. From that, we leveraged every available technology, technique, procedure, and leadership skill to achieve success.

SMA Gene C. McKinney

Good leaders enjoy watching soldiers develop as individuals and then, for those individuals to grow into teams. Teamwork gets it done every time.

SMA Richard A. Kidd

Trust establishes the character within a command and ties leaders and subordinates together. Camaraderie and cohesion are products of demonstrated trust between leaders and subordinates. Trusting a soldier to perform a critical task places his reputation and pride on the line. The mission or task becomes very personal; the stakes are high when trust is involved. The weakest leader or soldier will try harder when placed in the limelight under fire. When the trusted soldier is successful and that success is recognized by the leader, the soldier gains confidence. With each success the attitude and proficiency of the soldier improve. It doesn’t matter whether you’re combat arms, combat support, or combat service support, everybody has a role to play in making the Army successful.

SMA Glen E. Morrell

Teams are the means by which the mission is accomplished.

SMA William A. Connelly

There’s nothing wrong with having a clique, so long as everybody’s in it.

SMA William G. Bainbridge

One of the major ingredients in a well-rounded organization is teamwork. Troops are taught teamwork in their jobs, but it takes more than that. There has to be a good sports program and there has to be some social life that involves the family.

SMA George W. Dunaway