Education and Learning 

Society has changed, equipment has changed, and to some degree the Army itself has changed as well. However two things have not changed over that time period- leadership and a soldier’s willingness to learn. If you live in the past you stay in the past. We must live for the future. You just want to hope you make a difference.

SMA Robert E. Hall

We can all learn from each other. Why should everyone have to make the same mistakes?

SMA Richard A. Kidd

History lessons are valued treasures that must be used and guarded.

SMA Julius W. Gates

High performance soldiers feel the need and motivation for self growth. Some of us learned our profession the hard way, without benefit of schooling and with little shared knowledge. While this is a sure way of learning- by making a lot of mistakes- it is also expensive and inefficient. The noncommissioned officer who does not read and impart his knowledge of military history is shortchanging our soldiers, our leadership, our Army. Do you have a better way? Tell me about it. I am not too old to learn. Fundamental to all that we do in life, the search for knowledge must not end with a high school diploma. An educated force is a strong force.

SMA Glen E. Morrell

Civilian education certainly enhances the individual’s personal and professional value and especially the NCOs. Again, we aren’t talking about an entry on a service record. We’re talking about an individual acquiring more tools which will assist in daily living and certainly in the performance of military duties. Not a single one of us can afford to limp through our military life on the crutch of limited education.

SMA Leon L. Van Autreve

Put our knowledge and training to use in guiding and assisting the men who will some day replace us.

SMA William O. Wooldridge