Messages from the Director 



The National Museum of the United States Army

 Plans for the long overdue Army museum are progressing very well.


Insights to AAFES

Understanding why and how AAFES operates and it's relationship to the Commissary system.


USASMA Class 62

“It’s not stuff. It’s people. It’s men and women of courage, who are willing to get up each and every day; put on their gear; get out and climb into trucks, helicopters, airplanes; get into amphibious vehicles; jump out of airplanes; and that takes men and women of character and courage and it takes good noncommissioned officers and well trained officers to make all of that happen.”

GEN Gordon R. Sullivan


Top 10 Reasons to Belong to the Association of the United States Army

AUSA is the Army’s professional association and has – for 60 years – provided support for soldiers and family members. And, I believe that every soldier should be a member.


Looking Back on the Year of the NCO

The year 2009 was also the 20 year anniversary of the first "Year of the NCO," but this time there was a difference. Unlike the 1989 "Year of the NCO," there was an external component to the theme.