What AUSA does for the ARNG 


What AUSA is doing for the National Guard


The following are some of the key AUSA issues that support the Army National Guard:



 - Maintain military pay comparability with the private sector

 - Maintain comparability in out years

 - Continue the current Reserve Component (RC) drill pay status

 - Revise 10 USC to reduce the number of duty status categories of RC Soldiers and the ease of transition between active and reserve duty requirements to meet the needs of an operational Reserve


Health Care

 - No erosion of benefits (pharmacy, quality of care)

 - Increases in TRICARE fees/deductibles/pharmacy copays limited to COLA. No new TRICARE enrollment fees.

 - Increase Medicare reimbursement rates to ensure access to care

 - Fund TRICARE Reserve Select medical and dental insurance for RC Soldiers to ensure they are deployable



 - Fully fund Army Family initiatives/programs

 - Expand spousal and family member education and employment opportunities



 - Retain current retirement system

 - Full concurrent receipt for all disabled retirees

 - Reduce Reserve Component retirement age from 60 to 55


Sustain the Army

 - Maintain Active, National Guard and Reserve endstrength to support national defense strategy, Joint Force and Army mission requirements

 - Maintain assured access to the Reserve Component

 - Fill 100% of ARNG and USAR full-time manning positions



 - Defense spending –Army share at least 28%

 - Spare parts – no shortages

 - Facilities/Utilities – fully funded and energy efficient

 - Operations & Maintenance funds for all missions of AC &RC

 - Full Spectrum Training dollars (Soldier, unit & Army civilian)


Transformation & Modernization of the Force

 - Fully fund resetting of the Current Force

 - Fully fund Network, Army Ground Combat Vehicle, Joint Light Tactical Vehicle & Aviation