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July 2011 Updates  

7/25/2011 12:00 AM 

Family Programs Update 25 July2011

  • AUSA’s 2011 Military Family Forums
  • Mullen: Troops, Families Must Remain ‘Front and Center’
  • The Department of Defense Voluntary Education Program
  • Bill Would Pay Military During a Government Default

Family Programs Update 18 July2011

  • AUSA’s 2011 Military Family Forums
  • President Calls for Balanced Defense Spending Cuts
  • House Votes to Restore Cash for Military Bands
  • COLA Change Could Cut Retiree Benefits

Family Programs Update 11 July2011

  • Military Takes Top U.S. Confidence Rankings
  • DoD Launches Military Spouse Employment Partnership
  • Linking Wounded Vets with Healthcare Jobs
  • House Hearing on Vet Employment

Family Programs Update 4 July2011

  • Stop Loss Special Pay Program Continues to Accept Claims
  • White House Threatens to Veto Defense Spending Bill
  • Pentagon Crosses $1 Trillion Threshold in War on Terror Spending
  • New TRICARE Fees, End to Combat Pay