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Op Life Transformed Scholarships 

    AUSA Family Programs provides two scholarships worth $2000 each annually to assist the spouses and caregivers of wounded troops with career training. The scholarships are administered by Operation Life Transformed, a 501 (c) 3 not-for-profit organization that funds and develops career training programs for military family members who are managing the long term care of injured Servicemembers.
AUSA Family Programs and Operation Life Transformed share the goal of providing military spouses and other caregivers with training in careers that fit well with the mobile military lifestyle and improve the financial security of the family. Jobs such as medical transcription, coding and billing can move with spouses and are also flexible enough to allow caregivers to keep up with the demanding medical schedule of a recovering Servicemember.

The recipients of the 2008 AUSA Family Programs Operation Life Transformed Scholarships will be announced in the near future.