Be an Author 

The goal of the AUSA Book Program is to establish AUSA as a quality source of military books. To meet this goal, AUSA has established the following guidelines for people interested in participating in the program.
What type of books will AUSA sponsor?
AUSA will sponsor and act as agent for books concerning

  • U.S. Army heritage
  • Military theory
  • Leadership
  • Topics of general interest to the Army audience--active, retired and civilian

What is the process for submitting proposals?
Proposals should include the book’s topic, a description of your intended project, the tentative title of the book, and the expected duration of writing. If the book has been written, AUSA will ask for a copy of the manuscript after contact has been made and the project discussed.

Please do not send a completed manuscript or any portion thereof until asked to do so.

Send proposals to:

LTC Roger Cirillo, USA Ret.
Director, AUSA Book Program
Institute of Land Warfare
2425 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22201



AUSA cannot guarantee the publication of any accepted work, but will endeavor to place the book with one of its cooperating publishers. Payment to the author is by standard contract from the participating publishers and is made on a royalty basis. 

For more information contact Roger Cirillo,  703 907 2653 or