February 2014 AUSA NEWS  

2/1/2014 12:00 AM 


‘Outlaw’ and ‘Palehorse’ troops patrol with Afghan Uniformed Police

Troopers with Combined Task Force Dragoon continue their mission of advising Afghan National Security Forces in preparation for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections.


Pay, benefits are incentives to join

I read with dismay the December 26 article, "For Military, Benefits and Reform are Challenge," which demonizes our troops as unworthy of the benefits they receive while ignoring the challenges, sacrifices and hardships military personnel and their families face while providing the nation’s defense as volunteers.


Cyberspace warriors graduate, awarded Army’s newest MOS

The network is under attack! Cyber attacks are a daily reality and are growing in sophistication and complexity. How does the Army keep pace with this evolving threat and defend its network?


AUSA opposes 1-percent COLA reduction for military retirees

AUSA, with your help, has fought since the beginning of sequestration to end the arbitrary, cookie-cutter approach to deficit reduction.


1-pecent COLA cut for military retirees is ill-advised provision

AUSA needs you!! A last minute budget agreement passed by Congress included a provision that would negatively affect the calculation of the Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) for under-age-62 military retirees.