Latest AUSA News Issue in 2010 

AUSA News June 2010 issue


‘Angel of Dien Bien Phu’ speaks at Annual Meeting

The military nurse who became a worldwide hero during the French Indochina War brought her true-life story of bravery and dedication to the AUSA Book Forum at AUSA's Annual Meeting.
Taliban fight


‘Slow and steady,’ but progress is being made in Afghanistan

Calling the progress in Afghanistan "slow and steady," Brig. Gen. John Nicholson, director of the Joint Staff Afghanistan Pakistan Coordination Cell, said spikes of violence are to be expected in areas where the Taliban and other insurgents haven’t been completely cleared of in the past.


‘The second decade’

After nine years of conflict and three years of struggling to put the Army back in balance, while transforming to a modular brigade formation, Gen. George W. Casey Jr. said the force is "breathing a bit easier," but must now begin to prepare for "the second decade" of the era of persistent conflict.

Chinook relief mission


Army aims to speed, streamline acquisition

The Army is attempting to speed up and streamline its acquisition processes to allow for more effective modernization of the force, senior leaders told an Institute of Land Warfare Contemporary Military Forum at the AUSA Annual Meeting.


Army awards 2,579 ROTC scholarships

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps awarded 2,579 four-year scholarships to incoming members of the class of 2014.