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ARMY Magazine Volume 64, Number 7

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Front & Center

More Than Eavesdropping at NSA
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
NSA's mission includes communications security: "the means and practices of preventing other interceptors from gleaning ... intelligence information that might be harmful to the United States."

Admit It—Lying Is a Problem in the Military
By Lt. Col. Joe Doty, USA Ret., and Col. Pete Hoffman, USA Ret.
"It can be argued that lying, quibbling ... and so on within the military are becoming normalized or tacitly acceptable".


 Features    What You Missed
Clear the Waiting Room: New ‘System for Health’ Seeks Lifestyle Changes to Cut Costs
 By Jennifer Benitz
The Army’s ‘System for Health’ focuses on the time soldiers spend outside the doctor’s office. It encourages adequate sleep, regular physical activity and healthy eating to not only improve well-being but also reduce medical costs.
Talent Management: Six Constraints on Senior Officer Succession Planning
By Lt. Col. Michael J. Colarusso, USA Ret., and Lt. Col. David S. Lyle
Eliminating six snags would improve the Army’s senior officer management system by allowing it to manage officer talent from commissioning to retirement.
Military Innovation Through ‘Brilliant Mistakes’
By Andrew Hill and Col. Charles D. Allen
To better prepare for future wars, the Army must encourage a culture that values proving things are wrong so that they can be made right.
Knowledge Is Power: Adaptations Required to Survive in the Human Domain 
 By Lt. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland and  Lt. Col Stuart L. Farris
Rather than destroying the enemy, future contests may depend on winning over the population, and the Army must learn how to operate successfully in that human domain.   
Regimental History: Purpose and Preservation 
By Lt. Col. Shane P. Morgan and Capt. Timothy M. Ratliff 
One unit uses a simple five-step plan to recover and file records that preserve its identity and heritage.  
Desertification and Insurgency: A Global Crisis
By Chief Warrant Officer 2 Mark Sexton and Maj. Shafi Saiduddin
The result of poor land management practices that reduce the effectiveness of rainfall, desertification is causing conflicts, social problems and economic woes that foster the growth of extremist organizations.
The Outpost: The Crockett’s Red Glare
By Lt. Gen. Daniel P. Bolger, USA Ret.
Named for soldier and folk hero Davy Crockett, a system composed of a small nuclear warhead mated to a “pocket rocket” held the Russians at bay through the Cold War.
Saving Lt. Neumann
By Col. Richard D. Hooker Jr., USA Ret.
It took mental toughness and trust to stick by a first lieutenant accused of stealing cash in Iraq, but it was the right thing to do and proved the strength of the Army justice system.
PAO Up! Public Affairs Course Builds Partner Capacity
By Col. Jeremy M. Martin
A special public affairs course for international students at the U.S. Defense Information School based at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland, is building ties with other nations
Combined Task Force Dragoon-Kandahar, Afghanistan
Leaders of the Vilsek, Germany-based 2nd Cavalry Regiment share experiences gained during a nine-month deployment to Kandahar.

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The Issue Isn’t How Many Wars, But for What Purpose
By Richard Hart Sinnreich 
Seven Questions for Staff Sgt. Amy K. Justice, Winner of the 80th Training Command Best Warrior Competition
By Jennifer Benitz
Truman Learned Army Culture Change Isn't easy
By Rick Maze and Col. Ben L Walton, USA Ret.
Army Increasingly a Second Chance for Many Older than 20
Yoga Helps Soldiers Battle PTSD
By Thomas B. Spincic
He's the Army
By Jennifer Benitz
Tiger Jack: Armored Warrior
By Kelly Bell
SF-88: Nike Site Preserves Lessons of Army's Cold War Heritage
By Scott R. Gourley
'The Revolution's Boldest Venture'
By Col. Kevin W. Farrell, USA Ret.



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Ron Capps

Head Strong: How Psychology is Revolutionizing War
Michael D. Matthews

The Dead and Those About to Die—D-Day: The Big Red One at Omaha Beach
John C. McManus

Exposing the Third Reich: Colonel Truman Smith in Hitler’s Germany
Henry G. Gole

Thank You for Your Service
David Finkel

4-3-2-1 Leadership: What America’s Sons and Daughters Taught Me on the Road From Second Lieutenant to Two-Star General
Vincent E. Boles