ARMY Magazine December 2012 

11/18/2012 12:00 AM 

Volume 62, Number 12

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Front & Center

Our Future Army
By GEN Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
"Overall, it is clear that the battlefield continues to grow more lethal as our industry finds ways to meet what were once only imaginative requirements."


2012 AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition—The Soldier: On Point for Change and the Point of Change
By Dennis Steele
Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh and Army Chief of Staff GEN Raymond T. Odierno described the spirit of the American soldier and how the soldier’s strength will contribute to success in the missions the U.S. Army continues to undertake. Former Secretary of State James A. Baker III focused on lessons learned from GEN George C. Marshall.

Medical Simulation
By Scott R. Gourley
Mannequins, human patient simulators and other state-of-the-art medical simulation technologies educate Army medics, nurses and doctors in realistic environments.

China Remembers GEN Stilwell’s Soldiers
By COL John Easterbrook, USA Ret.
A new memorial in the Tengchong Cemetery honors all Chinese soldiers who fought against the Japanese in the China-Burma-India Theater under the command of GEN Joseph W. Stilwell.

Homestation Instrumentation Training System (HITS)
By Scott R. Gourley
A new Army training program enables home-station trainers to assess the impact of local live-training events from platoon through battalion levels.

Historically Speaking: Fredericksburg at 150
By BG John S. Brown, USA Ret.
December 13 marks the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericksburg, a bloody campaign that witnessed an operational concentration of forces and an assault river crossing that did considerable credit to the reputation of Union arms.

Company Command: Building Combat-Ready Teams
Afghan Partnership 2012
Company commanders from 1st Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, share insights gained conducting counterinsurgency operations partnered with Afghan soldiers in Ghazni Province. 


Washington Report
News Call
Soldier Armed
Historically Speaking


The Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses Grant in War and Peace
H. W. Brands

Operation Anaconda: America’s First Major Battle in Afghanistan
Lester W. Grau and Dodge Billingsley

 For the Common Defense: A Military History of the United States from 1607 to 2012
Allan R. Millett, Peter Maslowski and William B. Feis

James Meredith and the Ole Miss Riot: A Soldier’s Story
Henry T. Gallagher

Soldiers First: Duty, Honor, Country, and Football at West Point
Joe Drape