ARMY Magazine April 2012 

3/19/2012 12:00 AM 

Volume 62, Number 4

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Front & Center

By GEN Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
“The establishment and sustainment of trust is by far the most critical demand placed on leaders, both current and future."

Food for Thought for Battalion and Brigade Commanders: Developing Leaders in Garrison
By LTG James M. Dubik, USA Ret.
"All commanders are teachers, and one of the most important teaching mediums in our profession is the commander's behavior."


America's Army: The Nation's Force of Decisive Action
By GEN Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the Army
Tasked with enabling the Joint Force of 2020 amid a global financial crisis, today's Army, says the Chief of Staff, is up to the challenge.

The FY 2013 Budget: Ups and Downs in Cutting Back and Moving Forward
By Dennis Steele
The Army's fiscal year 2013 budget request will allow key modernization and reset programs to continue, but it sets the stage for future personnel cuts.

My Longest Day
By LTC William P. Baxter, USA Ret., as told to COL Francis R. Stevens, USA Ret.
A former senior advisor to the Army of the Republic of Vietnam recalls his first day of combat, an eight-hour battle that left him "astounded to be alive."

Strong Personalities and Scarred Reputations at Shiloh
By Dennis Steele
Civil War Sesquicentennial: An eclectic cast of senior Confederate officers faced off against a cadre of strong-willed Union generals at the Battle of Shiloh/Pittsburg Landing, Tenn.

Company Command—Building Combat-Ready Teams:
Tips for Working Effectively with our JIIM Partners
Experienced company commanders share their tips for working effectively when partnered in theater with joint, interagency, intergovernmental and multinational people and organizations.


Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed

Historically Speaking


Inferno: The World at War, 1939–1945
Max Hastings

Between War and Peace: How America Ends Its Wars
COL Matthew
Moten, editor

All In: The Education of General David Petraeus
Paula Broadwell with Vernon Loeb

Conquered into Liberty: Two Centuries of Battles Along the Great Warpath that Made the American Way of War
Eliot A. Cohen

A Soldier’s Sketchbook: From the Front Lines of World War II
Joseph Farris

Defeat and Triumph: The Story of a Controversial Allied Invasion and French Rebirth
Stephen Sussna