ARMY Magazine March 2011  

Volume 61, Number 3

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 Front & Center

Losing the ‘Best and Brightest,’ Again
By GEN Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
"The message to those who have not joined the latest group to depart: The mission of the Army has not changed, and among you the nation is counting on finding the leaders of the future." 

Learning to Delegate
By LTG James M. Dubik, USA Ret.
"The approach to delegation that I finally settled on emerged over time. Once learned, it held me in good stead for most of my career. . . . Each of you will have to develop your own approach to delegation."

The Army’s Foreign Area Officer Program: To Wither or to Improve?
By LTC Daniel E. Mouton
"The Army has come a long way in establishing a professional FAO program that supports service and joint requirements. It must refocus the program, however, and provide the guidance, assignments and resources to make the program more relevant to the ongoing operations in which our military is engaged."

 Selected Features

Win, Learn, Focus, Adapt, Win Again
By GEN Martin E. Dempsey
This final article in a series about the Army’s campaign of learning reviews the conceptual and doctrinal changes that will point the way ahead for the Army.  

Internet Peace vs. Internet Freedom: Behind the Cyber ‘Disarmament’ Debate
By Tom Gjelten
"The United States and other major military powers are well prepared to fight on land, at sea, in the air and even in space. Now countries must consider the prospect of combat in a fifth domain: cyberspace."  

Women in the Army
By LTC Jenelle Roberts, USA Ret.
The Army Women’s Foundation and the U.S. Army Women’s Museum encourage women soldiers and work to preserve the legacy of women who have served the U.S. Army since the Revolutionary War.  

Developing Adaptable Soldiers, Leaders and Units To Meet the Challenge of Persistent Conflict
By BG Richard C. Longo and BG Paul E. Funk II
The Army Learning Concept for 2015 and The Army Training Concept support the Army’s efforts to develop a learning and training environment that enables full spectrum operations.  

Fort Leonard Wood Demonstrates Resiliency after Tornado
By Tiffany Wood
With the help and support of many, the Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., community is rebounding after the devastation of the New Year’s Eve tornado.

Countering the Improvised Explosive Device Threat
By LTG Michael A. Vane and MG David E. Quantock
Defeating the threat posed by the enemy’s use of improvised explosive devices in Afghanistan is a top priority for the Army.   

Joint Multinational Training Command
By Denver Makle
U.S. Army Europe’s Joint Multinational Training Command in Grafenwoehr, Germany, offers varied training scenarios and terrain to prepare soldiers for today’s conflicts.  

CompanyCommand—Building Combat-Ready Teams:
Reflecting Upon Six Years of Professional Conversation
A selection of the highlights of six years of discussion among company commanders.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed

Historically Speaking


Churchill Defiant: Fighting On, 1945-1955
Barbara Leaming

No Surrender: A World War II Memoir
James J. Sheeran.

Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption
Laura Hillenbrand