ARMY Magazine December 2008 

Volume 58, Number 12

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 Front & Center

Help Wanted
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, U.S. Army retired
"Soldiers are well educated and did not join because they lacked lucrative opportunity elsewhere."

A Comprehensive & Inclusive Strategic Review Needed
By Lt. Gen. James M. Dubik, U.S. Army retired
"Any worthwhile strategic assessment should produce a view of the war that is as sophisticated and complex as the actual phenomenon."

‘Reach-Back’—A New Approach to Asymmetrical Warfare Intelligence
By Capt. Phillip Radzikowski
“Reach-back support is a relatively new concept. It provides operational warfighting units—battalions and brigades—the opportunity to reach outside of their traditional avenues of information flow….”

 Selected Features

After Action Report: The Surge from Gen. Petraeus’ Perspective
By Dennis Steele
Gen. David H. Petraeus briefed Annual Meeting attendees about the success that has been achieved in Iraq using additional American forces from the surge, a buildup of Iraqi security forces and a comprehensive counterinsurgency strategy.

America’s Army: The Strength of the Nation
By Dennis Steele
The Annual Meeting offered a wide range of educational, professional development and special presentations. Keynote speakers included Secretary of the Army Pete Geren, Army Chief of Staff Gen. George W. Casey Jr. and former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, the 2008 George Catlett Marshall Medal recipient.

Army Energy Goes Greener
By Toni Eugene
Solar thermal power plants, photovoltaic systems, biomass waste-to-fuel projects and other initiatives recently announced by the Army will augment projects already under way to help conserve energy, save money and reduce the risk of power disruptions on its U.S. installations.

ATEC: Testing Tomorrow’s Weapons for Today’s Soldiers
By Maj. Gen. Roger A. Nadeau
The Army Test and Evaluation Command, through development testing of equipment and operational testing like that performed by its forward operational assessment teams in theater, strives to provide soldiers with the equipment they need, when they need it.

A Soldier’s Belated Gift: World War II Letters Introduce a Son to His Father
By Leo W. Banks
Army captain Paul Banks wrote hundreds of letters home during World War II. After his death in 2004, they brought to life his wartime experiences from D-Day through the Battle of the Bulge, revealing new facets of his personality to his son.

CompanyCommand—Building Combat-Ready Teams: When Is Small Too Small?
Company commanders with experience in Iraq and Afghanistan agree on the importance of remote combat outposts in a counterinsurgency and discuss the conditions and logistics necessary to ensure that smaller outposts are both effective and safe.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed

Historically Speaking


A Path Out of the Desert: A Grand Strategy for America in the Middle East
Kenneth M. Pollack

Tell Me How This Ends: General David Petraeus and the Search for a Way Out of Iraq
Linda Robinson

From Bataan to Safety: The Rescue of 104 American Soldiers in the Philippines
Malcolm Decker

World War II: A Chronology of War
Edited by Col. Raymond K. Bluhm Jr.
Foreword by George H.W. Bush