ARMY Magazine February 2007 

Volume 57, Number 2

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 Front & Center

Additional Army End Strength Needed
"It is time to restore our land forces to the war-dominating power they have exhibited in the past at a manpower strength that assures sustainment during a long-term crisis."

 Selected Features

The Modern Seven Pillars of Iraq
Cultural and internal realities of Iraq mist be considered in any attempt to create and maintain political stability there.

'Golden Guardian 2006': U.S. Army North Prepares for Disaster Response
U.S. Army North's participation in an emergency earthquake drill tests the new command's ability to coordinate with state and local responders in a crisis.

In Tribute to John Ordway--The Indispensable First Sergeant
Sgt. John Ordway's command of enlisted troops was indispensable to the success of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Two hundred years later Sgt. Ordway's contribution is honored at Fort Lewis, Wash.

Army Engineers Pursue Humanitarian Tack Along Afghan Road Project
Task Force Eagle's year-long road-building mission improves the quality of life for the Afghan people in towns and villages in Patika Province.

CompanyCommand--Building Combat-Ready Teams: Insights from OEF: Commanding in Afghanistan
Company Commanders in the field explain how combat situations in Afghanistan are different from those in Iraq.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed

Historically Speaking


Captain Professor: A Life in War and Peace
Michael Howard

Chasing Ghosts: Unconventional Warfare in American History
John J. Tierney Jr.