ARMY Magazine March 2002 

Volume 52, Number 3

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 Front & Center

An Adaptive Army: Myth and Reality
By Col. Michael D. Mahler, USA Ret.
An adaptive Army is a good approach to ensure that we have the right people assigned to the right organizational design for the future. Let's just be sure that we do not let some common myths lead us in the wrong direction without a thorough vetting of the data and the potential results.

'Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!'
By Gen. Frederick J. Kroesen, USA Ret.
If the objectives of our war on terrorism are valid then the commitment of our soldiers fully and completely to the task is not only justified but also an absolute requirement.

The Korean War at 50
March 1952 Timeline

 Selected Features

West Point Bicentennial
By Lt. Gen. William J. Lennox Jr.
For 200 years the U.S. Military Academy at West Point has developed leaders formed by the principles of "Duty, Honor, Country" and continues that great tradition today.

The Legacy of West Point
By Lt. Col. Mike Burke, USA Ret.
A survey of West Point's long history and its many prominent personalities is also the story of the United States in many ways.

Ammunition Forward: The U.S. Army Ordnance Corps at Kunu-ri, Korea
By Charles G. Pritchard and Lt. Col. Loyal M. Pease, USA Ret.
In the face of the Communist Chinese offensives in the Korean War's first winter, Col. John A. Harbert and the men of the 630th Ammunition Company remained forward and continually resupplied hard-pressed U.S. forces with desperately needed munitions.

Special Forces Honored For Heroism and Valor
By Dennis Steele
Soldiers of the 5th Special Forces Group (Airborne) received awards for their service in Afghanistan during a fitting tribute at Fort Campbell, Ky.



Washington Report

News Call

Soldier Armed


Leadership: The Warrior’s Art
Christopher Kolenda, Author/Editor

West Point: The First 200 Years
John Grant, James Lynch and Ronald Bailey

To Prevail: An American Strategy for the Campaign Against Terrorism
Kurt M. Campbell and Michèle A. Flournoy

West Point
Photography, Marcia Lippman; Text, James Salter

Entwined Destinies: West Point and the Coastal Empire, 1802-2002
James Mack Adams