Individual Membership 

Why join AUSA?

Whether you are Active, National Guard, Army Reserve, a Government Civilian, a Retiree, a Cadet, a Family Member or a concerned civilian, AUSA speaks out on Capitol Hill on issues that directly affect you.

Membership in AUSA can provide you with many benefits.  Listed below are just a few.


  • Provide professional development opportunities
  • Keeps you updated on what is going with YOUR Army
  • Speaks out on issues such as pay, health care and modernization

Army National Guard

  • Speaks out on Full-Time manning issues and lowering the retirement age
  • Takes care of your families while you are deployed

Army Reserve

  • Speaks out on giving Reservists comparable compensation to their counterparts on Active Duty
  • Takes care of your families while you are deployed

Government Civilian

  • AUSA is your professional association. 
  • Speaks out on pay raises and improvement in training


  • Keeps you updated on what is happening in YOUR Army.  Once a Soldier – Always a Soldier!
  • Keeps TRICARE Co-pays and Deductibles from going up.


  • Provides professional development materials
  • Enriches your career


  • Helps you give something back to our brave men and women who serve this country
  • Helps you show your support for a strong national defense
  • Keeps you updated on what is happening in the Army

Family Members

  • Your membership will help ensure that your loved ones is taken care of
  • Helps show your support of your loved one
  • Click here to learn about the AUSA Family Readiness 


To download a copy of the membership application click here.

Download German Individual Membership Application

For more information call 1 855 246 6269



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