2011 - Mr. W. James McNerney, Jr. 


The 2011 John W. Dixon Award for outstanding contributions to national defense by a member of the industrial community was presented to W. James McNerney, Jr., President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of The Boeing Company.

Since joining the company in 2005, Mr. McNerney has been a key force in ensuring The Boeing Company maintains its strong support for our nation’s security and the American Soldier. Whether on the battlefield or back home, under McNerney’s leadership The Boeing Company has continued to fulfill its commitment to our men and women in uniform.

When the Army began its Future Combat Systems modernization project, it turned to Boeing to help manage the effort. As the program progressed, changing Pentagon priorities and new lessons learned from Afghanistan and Iraq necessitated drastic changes. Under McNerney’s guidance the project successfully transitioned into the Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program and continues to meet all major milestones and put advanced capabilities into the hands of our Soldiers.

Two Boeing rotorcraft—the AH-64 Apache and CH-47 Chinook—have proven indispensible in the rough terrain and volatile mission conditions experienced in Afghanistan and Iraq. The power and versatility of these two vehicles has justifiably earned a special appreciation from commanders and Soldiers on the ground, and the Boeing Rotorcraft Division has gone above and beyond to make sure these vehicles are built, rebuilt, modernized and delivered to our Army and special operations forces on time.

Under McNerney, Boeing has proved itself to be a strong supporter of the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve. When four Army National Guard Apache A-Model Battalions lacked the survivability, target acquisition and communications upgrades necessary for deployment to a war zone, McNerney stepped in, and at corporate risk, ensured that that the battalions could be fielded to support troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. During McNerney’s tenure, Boeing has also offered considerable individual support to Guard and Reserve Soldiers in its employ. The company, named one of the top 50 U.S. companies for supporting the National Guard and Reserve, offers continued benefits and reemployment rights for its employees who serve overseas.

Boeing has continued its philanthropic commitments through support to a variety of organizations such as Wounded Warriors and Operation Home Front. Boeing received the Omar M. Bradley Award for corporate financial support to the United States Military Academy and has also donated more than $5 million to the Army Historical Foundation’s efforts to establish the Army Museum. In direct support of the Army, Boeing has also participated in a leadership exchange through the Army Strategic Development Program, allowing corporate executives to share their leadership expertise with Army major generals and brigadier generals.

In recognition of his dedicated service to America’s military and as an esteemed and highly regarded member of the defense-industry community, the Association of the United States Army proudly presented the John W. Dixon Award to W. James McNerney, Jr., on the twelfth day of October, two thousand eleven.