2010 - Michael T. Strianese 

The 2010 John W. Dixon Award for outstanding contributions to national defense by a member of the industrial community was presented to Michael T. Strianese, President, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of L-3 Communications.

Mr. Strianese has been an integral part of L-3 throughout its history. Prior to serving in his current position, he was involved in the development of its business methodologies, standards of performance and corporate strategies, always in support of our nation’s defense and of our Soldiers.

For many years, he has greatly contributed to the success and respect his company enjoys today.

Under Mr. Strianese’s leadership, L-3 maintains balance in the private sector by using products, services and solutions that create inter-disciplinary programs, ensuring our Soldiers are fully capable of supporting U.S. global objectives.

Focusing on procedures that are always in accordance with our overall U.S. national security policies, goals and objectives, L-3 is now able to provide integrated and synergistic private-sector contributions to our national defense efforts and to America’s Army: The Strength of the Nation.

As a major products provider for the Army, L-3 supplies state-of-the-art products that give our Soldiers the means to achieve victory on the battlefields of today and tomorrow.

To ensure that America’s Soldiers surpass any enemy in battle, L-3 and its dedicated employees have manufactured innovations to include “smart” artillery projectiles and fuzes; the Viking and Mobius family of small unmanned aircraft vehicles; C4ISR platforms and systems; battlefield sensors; and mine detectors.

Mr. Strianese has also re-engineered L-3 to function not solely as a major provider of products but also as a supplier of services for the Army. For example, they lead the industry in comprehensive solutions for the Army’s helicopter fleet; this includes training, flight simulators, maintenance, supply chain management, upgrades and conversions.

Additionally, experienced L-3 former officers and noncommissioned officers are responsible for training every Army unit at the Combat Training Center in Kuwait to prepare them for the unique demands of counterinsurgency operations before they move into combat.

Mr. Strianese has adopted into L-3 the Army’s time-honored principles of leadership—competence, responsibility and commitment—so our Soldiers have the capacity to fight and win the wars of our nation.

In recognition of his dedicated service to America’s military and as an esteemed and highly regarded member of the defense-industry community, the Association of the United States Army proudly presented the John W. Dixon Award to Michael T. Strianese on the twenty-seventh day of October, 2010.