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Annual Meeting 2010 – Media Registration & Badging


The Association of the United States Army continues to review how it credentials media for its Oct. 25 to 27 Annual Meeting in the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.

Media are to enter the convention center through L Street entrance and come to Room 140A, the pressroom, for credentials. If media representatives enter through any other entrance, they will have to pick up a visitor’s badge and then continue through the center to the pressroom.

Civilian media representatives from the United States will be asked to present photo identification from the Department of Defense, Congressional periodical press, local police department and/or the media organization they work for.

Civilian governmental media will be asked to present their governmental identification card.

Military media will be asked to present their military identification card.

Overseas media representatives – to include NATO, OAS nations -- will be asked for a letter from their embassy, their ministry of defense or a U.S. military representative assigned to trade missions or military attaches, the U.S. embassy or a U.S. consulate in their nation vouching for the bona fides of the news organization, as well as photo identification. Passports are required. We will accept letters written for  previous Annual Meetings, and they do not have to be shown again. AUSA has records of all media who attended last year.

Both U.S. and overseas freelancers must produce a letter from broadcast, web or print outlet vouching for the bona fides of the bearer of the letter. They also must produce photo identification.

Corporate media representatives, including not for profit educational associations, will be asked to present either a media credential, as listed above, or employee photo identification. If they do not have employee photo identification, they will be handled as freelancers requiring a letter from their employer and some other form of photo identification.

The photo identifications must be shown to AUSA press room staff before any person will be badged as media.

For corporations wanting to hold media events, notices may be posted in the press room, which will be in Room 140A in the Washington Convention Center.

Again, because of security concerns, AUSA will not release a list of media planning to attend the Annual Meeting.

Only news organizations and government agencies that routinely cover AUSA events and are known to the AUSA communications department can pre-register for the event. The director of communications will determine who those organizations are on a case-by-case basis.

No badges will be mailed. All attendees will be asked to produce photo identification, whether they are badged as media or not.


To obtain a media badge, contact John Grady at


John Grady

Director of Communications

Association of the United States Army