Wednesday 15 October 2014

The Army must maintain a force capable of fighting across the full spectrum of war even as defense outlays shrink. Further, the service must maintain readiness even if the Army must become smaller.

Army civilian employees play a critical role in helping the Army accomplish its mission.
Ebola, post-traumatic stress disorder and funding were among the topics foremost on family members.
The U.S. Army is playing a significant role in developing the Pentagon’s Advanced Hypersonic Weapon.
"When you're honored by the best, it is the best".

Tuesday 14 October 2014

Army Chief of Staff Gen. Raymond Odierno cited the extensive list of countries where the “trusted professionals” of the Army are deployed, responding to crises, such as the Ebola epidemic in western Africa, engaging in combat in Iraq and Afghanistan and reassuring friends and allies in Europe and Asia.
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AUSA Home Land Security Oct 14

Army leaders pledged Tuesday to work more closely with Congress.
 Warrant officers told promotions to be more competitive 
The Army’s senior warrant officers were warned Tuesday Oct. 14
The Army and the Department of Homeland Security have intersecting missions
Sustaining the theme of “Living the Army Ethic,”
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Monday 13 October 2014

Army Secretary John McHugh declared Monday Oct. 13 that in a world of increasing strategic risk and instability, “we are the indispensable Army of that indispensable nation.”   
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AUSA Opening Ceremony Oct 13

The Army's top general in the Pacific, who oversees the service operating in an area that is 52 percent of the earth's surface
Stressing that the dual problems of sexual assault and suicide among the ranks remain a significant challenge for the services
The Army’s top leaders expressed growing concern on Monday Oct. 13 that continuation of the budget cuts under sequestration will bring such serious erosion in readiness that soldiers could be sent to a conflict unprepared for battle.
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