The Holiday Season – A Time for Thanksgiving and Reflection 

12/21/2011 12:00 AM 

The Holiday Season, regardless of your faith, is a time for the great majority of Americans to gather with family and friends to exchange gifts, enjoy good cheer, and reflect on the bounty of the previous year and look forward with hope to the new one.

This year for many of America’s soldiers and their families the Holiday Season will mark the end of a year of separation as the war in Iraq ends. Yet, other families will remain separated while the soldier is on duty somewhere far from home, deployed in support of freedom, and the family members are in a house that somehow seems not quite home because there is one person too few at the dinner table, one person too few to shoulder the burdens of running a household, one parent too few to help with homework, play a game, or tuck in an anxious youngster at bedtime.

It is for those brave soldiers who have willingly said, “I will volunteer to help keep the United States secure and a force for good in the world regardless of the sacrifice it may require” and for those family members who have said, “Do what you need to do, we will stand beside you”, that AUSA works, always seeking to be the Voice for the Army providing Support for the Soldier. 

During this season of joy and thanksgiving, take a moment to reflect on our good fortune to live in a country where change comes peacefully, and where included among us are those who are willing to leave their families behind and go into harm’s way to defend our very special way of life.  

On behalf of all of us at AUSA, I wish you a safe and merry Holiday Season and a Happy New Year – and, please, say a prayer for the troops.